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Banks use the Federal Reserve Bank for short-term loans and services such as check processing. There are 13 regional Federal Reserve Banks that serve different areas of the country. Click here to visit the regional Federal Reserve Bank that offers services to Banks

Savings banks (the official name of Savings Banks typically has the letters "F.S.B." or the words "Savings" or "Savings Bank" in their name), it is likely regulated by the the Office of Thrift Supervision. Click the following link to get the contact information for the regulator of Savings Banks in

Nationally chartered banks (the official name of nationally charted banks typically has the letters "N.A." or the words "National Association" in their name), it is regulated by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency. Click here to view the local offices of the Comptroller of the Currency - Regulator of nationally charted institutions

If your local bank is state chartered, it reports to a state regulatory agency.

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