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Debit Cards

Many people with bad credit utilize debit cards to get the convenience associated with credit cards. A debit card allows you to pay for purchases without having to have cash on-hand. To encourage frequent usage of debit cards, many institutions also offer rewards programs. Keep in mind that a debit card is not a credit card however. Using a credit card is the act of borrowing money, which you have to repay in the future. Using a debit card is the act of accessing your money residing in your checking/savings account. Since you are not borrowing someone's money, there is no interest rate to pay on purchases. When you apply for a debit card, make sure you ask about any monthly fees (if applicable). If you don't have any cash on hand (or in an account), a debit card won't help with an immediate cash need. You may want to consider a personal loan instead. Click here to apply for a cash loan.

Below are popular debit card offerings by financial institutions.
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